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What it comes down to for everyone is that even if your values are not the same as someone else, even if you profoundly disagree, even if your faith or lack of faith tells you a deed is wrong then even if someone has decided upon a course of action that is legal you must accept that. You don’t go digging for holes in their argument. You don’t try to twist words and views. Talk to the person. Test their understanding. But you must accept that in the end it really is their choice and that you become a better person for accepting them as a thinking person who has probably arrived at their decision after deep and troubling thoughts. Be nice to them – they may not have long left.

An edit on the above and the below:
I don’t want to give the impression that things around here are very bad – they aren’t and right now it’s about as good as it gets which isn’t so bad (that’s relative of course) but this is certainly an issue which we have both discussed in depth and which we both know the other’s feelings about events to come. Because they are coming – of that there is little doubt unless lifelong remission lands and fast. It’s an issue I feel very strongly about not because of some namby-pamby “aren’t the puppies beautiful” bollocks from some ‘tard who was raised in some shelter under a rock but because (1) I’m a realist and (2) it’s affecting my life.

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