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I’ve sat, typed and deleted about 4 times now. This will come out all wrong.

Gary has a post about the GP who chose assisted suicide to open the door away from this world. In the BBC story, a Bishop says pretty much what the pro-life people say:

“But I would want to try to convince them that even if they got into a state where they were very dependent and felt very helpless and useless, their life was still precious.”

Just fuck off with that complete garbage. If that Bishop was in my house and said that to my wife when MS was at it’s worst I really would batter the crap out of him. Their life is precious to who ?? We have NO religious beliefs so someone who thinks he’s closer to HIS god will impose his will over another ? (Oh dear, I forgot, that’s what Christians have been doing for thousands of years and is what GWB is trying to do to the middle east). The fact is that it’s not about pain, it’s about other stuff.
MS doesn’t hurt so much as mentally torture. Here’s something to try – you’ll like this a whole lot. What you do is this:

  1. Wake up and somehow get downstairs
  2. Sit in a chair
  3. Stay there all fucking day
  4. Go to bed

Do that tomorrow. Only one day. Don’t worry though – it’s only 1 day and your life will still be precious. That’s nice isn’t it – want his Bishopness to come and have a chat ?
Find me a pro-lifer – any of them will do, I’m not fussy. Allow me to break their neck. After six months ask them how precious their life is now. Oh yes, throw in a problem with swallowing too.

But this isn’t about MS – it’s about pro-life zealots being listened to. They should be completely ignored. Every last one of them is a complete waste of bloody space.

As for determining quality of life and ‘comfortable’ – that is so personal as to be a goal no-one else can attain. Here’s something – how long have you been with your partner ? Could you make them ‘comfortable’ for a day ? I don’t mean Champagne and grapes being held by a servant, I mean physically comfortable. All day. They can’t move themselves properly, you choose all the food, you choose the lighting, you choose the TV channel, you have no control over ambient noise, you have no control over the smells. Can you make your partner comfortable ? for just 24 hours ? Could you do it every single day, after day after day ? And if you could, even if you could get close – would you want to be the person on the other end ? How damn precious would you feel then ?

If someone does not want you to do something – anything – then they have an agenda which THEY want YOU to follow even though it’s THEIR agenda. When it’s as important as this, do what YOU want to do.

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