It’s a meme

I was tagged by Miklb so here’s the 4 ..

Four jobs I’ve had:
Newspaper boy
milk delivery

Four things I want to do before I die:
See my girls grow up
Visit Japan
Be able to worry a lot less and be happier some more
Get a life

Four things I say a lot:
“Yes” (I live with 3 women remember!).
“I’ll do it later”
“Boom boom boom”
“Okay, I’ll fix it….”

Four of my favorite foods:
Right now ?
Creme Eggs.
That’s about it. I’m in the middle of a long sugar kick.
(Jaffa cakes have dropped off the gastronomic radar)

Four people I’d like to curse:
Curse as in put the hex on so that they suffer for every single day for the rest of their wretched lives ? Ooohh… fun 🙂
Jason Clarke
Paul Jones
My (alleged) m*ther
Anyone who harms children (A broad brush I know, but a worthy one)

Four things I don’t trust:
Screws (I’ll explain one day)
My brother-in-law
Anyone drunk
Me without meds.

Four people from history I’d like to meet:
I don’t want to meet any of these people really. If I could shake hands and even just say hello then so much of why I want to meet them would instantly disappear. The fascination would be replaced with the flesh and nothing can ever live up to fascination. So just being somewhere I could see them, hear them, watch them would be good enough. In fact that would add to the magic….
Peter Cook
Spike Milligan
Keith Alexander
Michael Palin (yesterday is now history so who says they all have to be dead ?)

Four movies I watch over and over:
Monsters Inc

Four people I’m tagging:

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