AOL – Creating fear needlessly

Seen those new TV ads ?
The ones with the constant voiceover and streams of negative images along with words that try to instill a sense of fear and foreboding should you dare to go near the internet ?
The ones that try to scare you away with words like “Freedom of speech” ?
The ones that imply images ‘out there’ could be too frightening ?
The words that want to make you afraid that your children could be corrupted by the evil influences ?

The words that come from a huge ISP that probably still sends out millions of those damn cd’s ?

And yet that reassuring voice implies that the big cuddly AOL will protect you from all that.
They’ll take away those nasty images.
They’ll take away the Freedom of Speech.
They’ll look after your children.
They’ll cleanse the internet to make it suitable for all.

AOL is full of sensationalist crap.

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3 thoughts on “AOL – Creating fear needlessly

  1. When I first saw the add I thought is was trailing an interesting TV series with various illuminate and intelligent discussion on those statements. Then I found out is was AOHell.


    By the way, your sidebar font had got a little off in Firefox (Mac) – would guess it is one size too large. Can send you a screenshot if you want.

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