The NHS continues to be .. well … crap really

A few years ago J was referred to a specialist about her heart. The upshot of this was that she had a small box surgically implanted into the top of her chest on the left – close to the collarbone. The idea was that when she experienced heart problems she would hold another remote control type thing over the internal box to tell it to record the heart signals at that time. And every month go in to have the contents of the internal box ‘downloaded’ for diagnosis. Every month – pfft, it was filled within 2 days and the end result of that was the heart surgery she had. The heart problems haven’t gone but the box is no longer needed. “Come into hospital” they said “We’ll take the box out” they said ….
Appt was for 1pm yesterday. Local anaesthetic. Numb, slice, remove, stitch was the plan. Taking food / drink beforehand is not recommended apparently so she’d gone light there. 1pm…… after 5pm J told them she was leaving. “Oh” says the nurse, “I’ll have to see if you can go”. Why oh why oh why do general nurses think they can do anything at all to stop someone from leaving ? They can’t – and they can’t even less when the person who walked in has not even been touched by a member of staff. Is it some sort of power trip ? Some meaningless thrashing because they realise the patient has wised up to the appallingly crap system we have in the NHS ? Something they feel they have to do when the surgeon storms in yelling that he doesn’t want to go home early ? J and our youngest share a common trait – when they get hungry, they get ratty, irritable. If they say they are hungry and we are out, the wisest course of action is to find the food of their choice without delay. I have learned this. J told the nurse that she was really hungry, really thirsty and she was going. “Feast” – that is the precise word used by the nurse when she said that if J would hang on for her op that the nurse would organise a “feast” afterwards. Here’s why that is a lie:
1. No-one who has ever worked in any capacity for any length of time in the NHS would ever associate, even in their wildest drug-induced dreams the word “feast” with the letters “NHS”. It just isn’t going to happen.
2. The nurse didn’t want the hassle of explaining J leaving
and, most importantly of all
3. The nurse was obviously going to have finished her shift and be on her way home when J came out of surgery so as to avoid the ‘Wrath of J’.
So J left.
The appt stats for the Glenfield General Hospital will show that J attended.
She had an appointment for 1pm. Why couldn’t they do it for 1pm ?

One thought on “The NHS continues to be .. well … crap really

  1. I’ve had similar experiences. MBH told me that nurses that ‘need a rest’ are put into those roles. They tend to not be able to cope well when something doesn’t go by the book. This was her rationale when I said a particular nurse was “Feckin mental and should be kept away from sharp things” … and that’s because I wanted to leave and the nurse thought I really should have a cup of tea before I left.

    Shocking situation there though. I dont think I would have waited that long.

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