Evrsoft – stupid.

All from their “Web Link and Logo License Agreement” page:

Evrsoft Pty Ltd, will grant to you a personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable license to hyperlink (“Link”) your Internet Web site to Evrsoft’s Internet Web site, and/or use Evrsoft’s Web Link Logo (“Link Logo”) as part of your Internet Web site subject to the following terms and conditions:

They’ll let me link to them ? Wow. And with my VERY own license. WOW. But I can’t give it away ? Oh .. doesn’t matter because anyone can have one. Makes a nonsense of it all so far.

You must accept all terms and conditions in this Agreement. To indicate your acceptance, you will be required to send us an email issuing your acceptance to this Agreement.

Just to LINK ? wtf ? Sue me. In fact, if you want to complain about this, you send me an email asking for permission to send me an email complaining about this and if I do not respond or respond negatively you will not be allowed to complain about me. Just be absolutely clear – negatively will mean I say No. There.. makes just about the same amount of sense doesn’t it ?

You may only use the licensed Link Logo. No other Evrsoft logo, obtained from Evrsoft’s WWW page or any other Evrsoft or non-Evrsoft source, may be used.

Why ? The others crap are they ?

You may not use the name “Evrsoft”, the Link, and/or the Link Logo to disparage Evrsoft

Looks like I’m screwed then eh ?

You may not alter the appearance of the Link Logo. The Link Logo must stand by itself and must include a minimum amount of 25 pixels of empty space around it so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects including, but not limited to, type, photography, borders, and edges.

25 pixels ? Which monkey in a suit dreamt that up ? Why not 24 ? Do you idiots measure ? So if I made a box that was 200px wide, 400px tall with 4em “Made with this crap” at the top and your logo at the bottom – that’s 25 pixels off the bottom – than that would be cool with you ? No ? Why ? It complies doesn’t it ? Idiots.

You may not use the name “Evrsoft”, the Link, and/or the Link Logo in any manner that implies Evrsoft sponsorship or endorsement of your products

I wish to make it crystal clear that I am not sponsored by or endorsed in any way by Evrsoft. Something tells me that the more astute people reading this may have cottoned on to this fact.

Evrsoft reserves the right to review your use of the name “Evrsoft”, the Link, and/or the Link Logo, and you agree to provide Evrsoft unrestricted access to your site to review your use of the name “Evrsoft”….


Evrsoft may at any time, and in its sole business judgment and/or discretion, require you to discontinue your use of the name “Evrsoft”

Now why the hell would you want to go and do that ? Isn’t all publicity good publicity even for people that create garbage licenses ? Guys – tell us you didn’t pay for that will you ? Rewrite it so it makes sense will you ? And while you are kicking over that page, write something down about your latest release being crippleware.

Evrsoft – why coders shouldn’t try to be lawyers.

5 thoughts on “Evrsoft – stupid.

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  2. Dearest Mark,

    I wasn’t sure who ees thees “Evrsoft” so I did a Google search. I saw a sponsored listing with their name. I guess that must be them, maybe. I clicked on it. Do you think that cost them any money?

    Yours faithfully,

  3. Are you referring to Evrsoft, the makers of First Page? There’s something definitely screwy with them since their “Support Forum” has been yanked for several months now. They took a lot of people’s money and then just dissapeared. Software’s pretty darn good tho a bit buggy. Wonder if it’ll ever get fixed… should have gone ahead and bought DM

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