Make poverty illegal ?

Cannabis remains illegal, just less illegal than some other drugs.
The Telegraph reports that the legal on cannabis will not change because “Regular cannabis use can have “real and significant” mental health effects but is unlikely to cause schizophrenia”.

Poverty is legal

adults in the poorest fifth being twice as likely to be at risk of developing a mental illness as those on average incomes.
(src: Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

managing poverty and protecting children from its worst effects is stressful and this can damage mothers’ physical and mental health
(src: Child Poverty Action Group

Above all, the report highlights the strong links between poor mental health and poverty.
(src: Scottish NHS

There are dozens more reports linking poverty to mental ill-health, and it’s not just legal it’s not being tackled by Blair and his cronies. But then poverty is just such an Old Labour topic….

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