Looking at stats

I’ve had a week of Google Analytics now, so I’ve just perused the pie-charts that it offers. How can people get excited about this stuff ? Main purpose was to find out which pages in the /wordpress directory were being most viewed so I could look at them to see if they could be improved and if they were generating forum traffic – forum traffic being an indicator that they are not good enough. The page which gets the highest hits generates about 1 post a month to the forum – that’s a fraction of one percent. No work to do there then. What surprised me was that every page still gets views and that for some fairly basic pages the number of views were high. Another week and I’ll pull the code from everywhere but here.

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2 thoughts on “Looking at stats

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  2. “How can people get excited about this stuff ?”

    Ahh nothing beats raw logs and grep 🙂 I get to see all those odd ejits who are trying to comment spam xmlrpc.php and wp-comments-post.php … you’d think they’d check that the blog is actually PHP based wouldn’t you think?

    I didn’t like Google Analytics at all , which is why I switched to Mint for on the fly watching. GA is more marketing based I thought.

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