Stage Two

Two more hours on the couch while Neil introduced more ink into my arm. Lots of brown and flesh tones today. Quite why we need flesh tones tattooed onto my flesh is something I have yet to suss out but it’s Neil’s picture and I trust him. We also had a mini debate about ink-less tattoos which I have discussed with him before. The upshot is that he will do some ink-less tattooing on my arm in such a way that if anything does show it will accentuate what is there or if not, not. He doesn’t believe that you can get any effect without really chewing the skin up. I don’t know.
Today’s work was elbow to wrist, back of the lower arm. It hurt around the bones – as would be expected – and my arm is significantly swollen under the new injuries. Being a regular reader of RAB I have (not) followed any advice there, nor (like with previous ink) do I intend to. Right now the clingfilm is off and copious amounts of moisturiser have been slapped on. I’ll clingfilm back up for the night too – no sticking to the sheets here thankyouverymuch. Photos … I have one – Neil took 4 and I copied the best. I’m not linking it here because (1) it’s red and angry (2) it’s ‘work-in-progress’ so taken as a single view isn’t fair (3) the image is 1.5meg (4) once it’s on the net it’s not mine. That last bit is important. And that last bit is why I’m going to keep the complete image off the net – just a slice or two maybe ….

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