I feel weird

Not ill-bad-sick but ill-empty-odd. It’s the tattoo process somehow. The areas under the ink are swollen, I feel really strange, light-headed. I’ve eaten and drank – though maybe slightly less than normal given the enforced sitting down (so to speak) but I don’t feel right. It’s like the feeling I get before a cold strikes, the feeling just before I get ill. This is my fifth ever time on the tattoo couch, each of the others was 2 hours. Nothing unusual before the event. Very odd.

Edit: According to the Xchat logs, I went bed at 23:18 last night. That is early. It’s now 4:44 – that too is early. And I’ve just eaten a bowl of Weetabix – which is unheard of – and which gave me the biggest whack with the ClueBat. Food. In the few hours before I went into town all I ate was chocolate. Bad me. In the hour just before – while I was fixing their machine (got to earn that ink!) – I ate a Mars bar. So my system will have been high on sugar, then injured repeatedly for two hours and then my blood sugars will have bottomed out I guess. High / low, and all because I didn’t eat some proper food. At least I feel better. And the really fun part happens soon …. having a shower. Sting City here I come !

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