Two Years

16 Jan 2004 I stopped using my own html and started using WordPress.
Some stats so I remember:
Words: 317,739
Posts: 1898
Comments: 5876
Commenters: 860
Most commented: USA-WTF#3 with 89 comments.
Most viewed: Links with 59165 views. (WHY ? Really, why ?)
Highest commenter: Me, but really is the unique Root (where the hell is he ?)

Comments – what’s the accepted “etiquette” about commenting on your own blog ? I’ve seen some blogs where the blog owner hardly comments at all (which seems odd because it implies they think their word is final in all things and only the serfs and minions may chatter quietly about it. Very regal !) and other blogs – like here – where comments flow freely. I figure it’s okay to comment because – certainly inside WP – there is a tab called ‘Discussion’ and you can’t Discuss without actually taking part can you ? And if you DO think there is nothing else to say, close the comments. And if your word IS final, write a book. Or lead a coup. Or just shut up because it would be damn boring listening to. (Says me who has – apart from one small event in 1978 never been wrong 😉 )

Anyway …. what did I say 2 years ago ?

Why use WordPress ?
Not just that it’s incredibly easy to install (all through the browser), but the interface, the CSS and the whole shebang when put together are pretty damn close to what I wanted. I did not want the tool to get ‘in my way’, and so far this does not.

Is that still true ?
……. yes and no. Or no and yes actually. I still think 1.2.2 was the best version for me but this – 1.5.2 – is okay and still does “exactly what it says on the tin”.

5 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. I’m interested that no one has entered into a discussion with you about this!

    I moved to WordPress because Blogger was just too monolithic and I wanted something a bit more user friendly. I also had an idea about my work (and hopefully that will all happen this year) and getting teachers to be that little bit more reflective.

    I love the interactivity around blogs and blogging. I also like the chatter and the fact that we are able to build up and be part of communities that we own.

  2. I was, and still am, critical about WP 2.0, but I have to say – under the hood it is a much tidier beast. There aren’t many more features, but it is a better development enviroment.

    WYSIWYG isn’t everyones taste, but it can be turned of easily, I do that sometimes.

    Plus the cost of upgrading is about 5mins of your time. I’ve not had a single problem with it.

  3. I’ve found it a few microseconds faster from displaying posts (we are talking very very little change) but yes – the admin is slower.

    Noticably much slower.

    For the most part I don’t notice it, tabbed browsing has a way of distracting from that, but when it just want to edit quickly it is VERY slow. Sad.

    I think part of the problem is that Matt & Ryan have decided it shall be pretty, which is good, but atm it’s not very user friendly – in fact it might be worse because it is a lot slower. It’s probably about the same for the rest of it, with improvements in some areas and added annoyances in others.

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