T-Immaculate Molars-C does Beijing


Amazingly, that is a real website. The soon-to-be-certified girl has even bought www.mybigfatchineseweddingwithtomcruise.com it would seem. Alas poor Niki just does not realise that being shacked up with his current squeeze means that Tom “feeling the world’s pain with every grin” Cruise gets all the publicity that he needs.

But TOM !


Just think TOM…

You can make the WHOLE of China into Scientologists! What a challenge ! “The Little Tom Book” ! You wouldn’t have to swim the river like Chairman Mao, you could walk straight over it “! Such Power, such Influence and if we don’t obey your every toothy whim, you can make them all jump up and down and swamp us – the filthy unbelievers !
Tom – get in there mate – you know Ron would want you to 😉

Maybe I should buy “tom-curingtheworldwitheverysmile-cruise.com” – no-one else has yet 🙂

3 thoughts on “T-Immaculate Molars-C does Beijing

  1. Hey Tommy, what a crock….you….homoboy…tall girls for a runt…scientilogy….your movies from now on..your own studio…your obsession for tall women, try some elevator shoes….jumping on couches…trying to rule the world…phony wedding..cute baby, but think about it, she doesn’t look at all like you..fyou were a cute kid, but scientogoly has turned off tons of your so called funs, I won’t even watch one of your good oldddddd rerun movies, too much negative crap to try to choke down needless no longer a fan and you are stupid thinking you are a genius about medicine and phyco babble, you’ve been brainwashed boy. and I mean boy

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