Ruth Kelly and 5 letters.

“I am absolutely clear that the scandal of junk food served every day in school canteens must end,” said Ms Kelly.

But she is not clear about sex offenders working in schools is she ?

..Ms Kelly said it was “common sense” that some sorts of foods should be excluded from school menus.

Isn’t it “common sense” that people with a record of offences against children – let alone sex offences – should be excluded from schools ?

“Every parent should be able to choose the school that is right for their child……

And does Ruth Kelly think we’d all opt for one with a teacher on the staff who is an accepted risk to children ?

The above quotes are from the school food row earlier this year. Read the words again – Ruth Kelly thinks a turkey twizzler is more important that the risk posed by a sex offending teacher. I find that gobsmacking.

From the BBC today:

Ms Kelly has ordered a review into the employment of sex offenders over the last 30 years

This is a politician’s way of saying “Look look, it’s always been like this so don’t blame meeeeeee”.
I don’t think she ordered that review anyway. A “Sir Humphrey” type character will have told her what to do then praised her for her wonderful idea.

The Observer can reveal that the chief constable of Norfolk, Carole Howlett, wrote to the Home Office on 12 December outlining her concerns that Paul Reeve, who was on the sex offenders’ register, had not been placed on List 99, the directory of teachers barred from working with children. A similar letter from Norfolk education authority went to Kelly’s department.

Isn’t she meant to be in charge ? Isn’t she accountable for her department’s actions and inactions ? If she wants the praise and the plaudits then she has to also carry the can when the shit is hitting the fan. And in this case it’s clean blown the fan away.

Ruth Kelly personally allowed TWO convicted sex offenders to work with children. She did it twice. Ruth Kelly is a risk to children.

And even after all this she has not said Sorry – is that because she still thinks she is right ?

Sack her.

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