New hex

The last ‘look’ had been around a while so I popped out the brushes and gave it the once over. I could post a small screenshot for anyone reading this in a feed but them it would silly to proper visitors to see a screenshot of what they could see.
Anyway ………………… themes. WP has lots of themes. And we can all play with css to create interesting – if sometimes unwanted – effects. But we are pretty stuck aren’t we. This ‘theme’ (posh word – it’s just a layout really) will fit into an 800*600 screen, but if I went up a size then would it make previous posts look odd what with wrap around text and such ? I think at worst it would look ‘not quite as intended’ but imagine if you went from full-width to somewhat thinner – it could play havoc with images. Still, it’s not like I’m changing much, just the wallpaper not the foundations.

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