Lucas McMullan Jacobs – sue me then.

There’s a story in The Telegraph about a mother who committed suicide. Only it’s not about the suicide – it about a heartless bunch of lawyers called Lucas McMullan Jacobs.
Legally, on a technicality they may indeed be right but then legally, on a technicality I can also beat my wife just as long as it is not after 9pm and it doesn’t disturb the neighbours (src). After all, if they can do one surely I can do another ? I can picture the stuffed suits at Lucas McMullan Jacobs strutting around indignantly and blustering on about right and correct and justified they are. From their webpage:

We are a practice built on committed party – client relationships. We understand that client satisfaction is paramount to the future success of Lucas McMullan Jacobs

….we maintain long-term relationships and repeat business with our clients.
(my emphasis)

Well isn’t the above just about the biggest pile of bull I’ve read for a while given their deeds as reported in the newspaper. What’s the job interview like at LMJ ? Do they just feel for the cold heart ?

If that company had an ounce of decency they’d send the husband a ‘Sorry’ letter and then drop the whole thing.

‘heartless’ is a turn of phrase and should not be taken literally
Thinking about it, ‘cold callous bastards’ would be better …….
Free clue to the ones who are deficient in human sensibility – fix your damn site.

“Lucas McMullan Jacobs – Coldy Efficient”
Look ! A tagline all for free !

2 thoughts on “Lucas McMullan Jacobs – sue me then.

  1. I also blogged about this story. A few days later someone found it on google and left a comment defending the company.

    I agree with you, they could drop the whole thing and recoup the losses with the good PR they would get in the national press. This story remind s me a bit about ‘debt suicides’; eg husband kills himself, wife didn’t know he was in so much debt, she calls the bank to tell them what’s happened and they tell her how sorry they are but now she’s liable for all the money.

  2. I would surprised if the newspaper article showed the whole story. It’s sad but why shouldn’t people be paid for their work? In fact it says in the article that the money asked for was for a doctor’s report and that the solicitor had waived his fee. Hardly heartless. Quite the opposite in fact.

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