Symantec Lie

Like all sensible people, the first thing I do after a re-install or when looking at someone else’s computer is remove any product at all that is related to Symantec and the over-bloated Norton product line. I’ve not had to many problems doing that, but a google for ‘remove norton’ gets a whacking 3.7 MILLION results. Hardly encouraging….
What I absolutely do trust though is Spybot Search and destroy – I’m a Windows user 😉 so when the Spybot guys (freeware product supported by donations) get stones thrown at them by Symantec (bloated useless junk supported by kickbacks to the big grey box makers), who will I believe ..
Small guy, trusted, good track record.
Fat guy, dodgy as hell, rips people off through fear
…. tricky choice eh ?

Do yourself a favour – read the evidence then uninstall everything on your machine that is made by Symantec. (Or at the very least use .. erm … you know … the free ones 😉 )

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