Google Video Links

It’s hard work in #wordpress sometimes….. kudos to h0bbel for providing most of the gems here.

Nine Inch Nails Only


Little wannabe … kids

Eating a Ramin Noodle Flavor Packet

Same kids, different ‘music’

Mortal Kombat !

Numa Numa

Let’s all do the Numa Numa !

Strange boy wrestling a stuffed dog …

Rocky Horror

5 thoughts on “Google Video Links

  1. Having grown up on the original Mortal Kombat game, and enjoying the entire franchise, AND having listened to that song (by the Immortals, for those loooking for it) an awful lot, I can safely say that the Mortal Kombat video was the funniest laugh-out-loud thing I’ve seen in a _very very_ long time!

    Thanks for sharing!

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