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I’ve finally decided that Awstats is not very useful in many ways a trailing slash causes two lots of stats for instance and because bandwidth seems to alter but the numbers don’t – not that I study them a lot but it’s wise to keep an eye on these things I reckon. The tagline for Awstats – “Awstats produces very pretty stats.” – sort of says something about who will be reading them doesn’t it ? maybe they have a version with little kitty icons piled up to create the graphs …… “stark but useful” or “ugly but understandable” would be better. So I’ve installed this Google Analytics code everywhere. I briefly considered Mint but the $30 (which I’ve not got) and the reviews/comparisons with GA meant I went with the latter. Hopefully things will stay fine – I’ve seen the odd site falter a bit while waiting for the code.

Google Earth, Google Analytics, Google Mail …..I am being seduced ! And to think that some people had the impression I didn’t like Google 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Getting some stats

  1. You might want to still keep an eye on Awstats, since GA only reports on accesses that execute that block of Java Script. That means that GA isn’t showing you how much bandwidth is begin eaten by search engines spidering your site, for example.

    I found Awstats invaluable after finding that Google was using twice as much bandwidth per month as all the other accesses, and helped me tune my robots.txt and Google Sitemap files so that its now using about a quarter of the total.

  2. I agree about the Search Engines. I tackled Google back ages ago when they were rampaging through taking many gigs of data. It’s ‘down’ to 1.5 gig which is still excessive (like I said I haven’t really looked at these things) so I’ll be playing with files to drap that later.

  3. Oh and another thing: it doesn’t matter what stats package you use really (they all have their flaws) what matters is that they are consistant.

    AWStats is, as are all the ones I listed – AWStats does give that nice “Unique visitor” stat, which is useful (if not actually what it says it is). Urchin uses Sessions, which isn’t quite as useful.

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