Politicians. Shy. Modest.

This is hilarious:

A petition accusing MP George Galloway of egotism for entering the Celebrity Big Brother house is being launched by a Cabinet minister.

MP’s enter parliament because they think they can change the world (starting with the UK) (unless your name is Mr T.Blair in which case you try to sort the world out (and fail) before coming back to the UK) so if that isn’t a case of ego then I’m a pink banana.
Politics is ego ego ego – it’s all about lying and trying to get away with it for long enough. It’s all about ‘show’ and ‘performance’ and ‘bluster’ ‘hot air’ and in many cases bare-faced cheek.

Accusing George Galloway of having an ego is like telling me I’ve got an ego too – we all have.
He’s playing a game.
He’s bringing the lie to people who think MP’s are ‘special’
He’s got the balls to do it.


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