Clothes, wardrobes and the monied

From The Telegraph:

Hilary Alexander shows how a cluttered wardrobe equals a cluttered mind – and that a ruthless overhaul can give new energy to your style. In my case I’d have less clothes (though I have zillions of tshirts so I could drop a few of those) and I’d be mad about that. New energy ? For throwing away clothes ? What sort of world does that woman live in ?

Ask yourself seriously, when you last gave your wardrobe a real thorough detox.

What ? It’s WOOD. It can’t go hanging around on street corners hassling for money so it can get some more glue, or a fix can it ? ‘Detox’ – get real woman. Throw the clothes through the laundry instead of throwing them out.

Your wardrobe needs a tidy-up now and again, a spot of pruning and trimming.

Eh ? Keep your clothes in the garden ?

Sometimes language can be taken too far.
Oh yes, and for a “fashion expert” they are not called ‘hot pants’ but they are called hotpants. The former are something quite different (or so I recall from my younger days………)


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