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I mentioned a while ago that J was being hit very hard by the MS. In the end she asked for the steroids. She can ‘have’ them when it’s really bad, but there is always the case that having them more = less effect. She’s not had them much though. When this matter first arose the MS Consultant insisted that she go into hospital and have the meds by drip. J insisted that she would not as she hated needles. He said otherwise it could not be done. She stood her ground. (Heh.. I used the word ‘stood’). Of course J won. So she asks the GP practice. They see the amounts and insist that she comes in. She explains, GP rings MS Consultant, GP reluctantly writes prescription for 2500mg of steroids over 5 days. That’s quite a lot. Huge dose apparently. But she took them, went through the side-effects that they bring with them and now – now she can stand up straight. She can’t move around so well – she’ll never do that – but when standing against something she can stand up straight 🙂 Minor victory ! It’ll not last forever and the emotional rollercoaster will start again but right now we are on the better side of up and here’s hoping we take a very long time to reach the top.

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  1. I know my mother in law is given steroids when she is rushed to the hospital and she always feels fantastic shortly after. However several days later she usually feels horrible. She usually uses a motorized wheelchair around the house and right after steroids she feels she can use the walker. I guess that is the crazy thing with MS though, every single case is very different from the next.

  2. Another bad side effect is that your body becomes physically addicted to them. My mother took prednisone for several months (due to Crohn’s disease) and it took her more than a year to get ‘detoxified’ (many mental effects: mood swings, occasional incoherence, etc.) I hope J fares well.

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