Google Earth has these fine quality images of that litle bit of the UK where I live.
I’m at the red dot, and the red line shows the dog walk for me and Winston. It’s ~7 miles of which about 6 is off lead. (That’s J21a there)

This is a “Why am I posting this ?” post. I have no idea. Good job I’ve no stalkers ! Coming soon – local amenities ! Bus stops ! .. I need to get out more 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dogwalking

  1. Google Earth is now out for OSX so I’ve been having a play with it. See the tag for M1 there? To the right of that past the roads is a dark green bit … and to the lower right of that is lighter green ploughed(?) bit … that’s the same detail level for our little bit of Ireland 🙂

    Talk about underwhelming 🙂

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