Ruth Kelly: Sex Offenders are okay

What she said to Parliament today:

The case which has come to public attention this week raises very serious issues.

Really ? Wonder why ? and it was YOU who caused this.

I take full responsibility for all decisions taken in the department on whether individuals should be placed on List 99, the list covering those barred from working in schools.

So leave your job then. Do the decent thing.

Initial inquiries indicate that there have been a small number of cases where, on the basis of advice, in accordance with the process that has been in operation for many years, ministers have made the decision not to include on List 99, an individual on the Sex Offenders Register.

We are searching for a better excuse, but right now we are going with “It’s happened before so why not let it again”. Ruth Kelly – when was the last time you had an independent thought ? You know, one you made yourself, all on your own ?

It is of the utmost importance that the House and wider public are not misled by any information put into the public domain.

I used to have a boss like this. She always said “But you aren’t in possession of all the facts” and we all knew she was lying. This is Ruth Kelly pretending she has a great big secret which would fully justify everything she did but as we cannot know ….

I will also review the decision making process surrounding such cases and any immediate policy implications.

Would it surprise anyone if we were not reassured by this ?

In the meantime, with immediate effect, I will personally consider any cases of individuals on the Sex Offenders Register where a ministerial decision is required as to whether they should be placed on List 99.

And if they do offend I’ll be sure to blame the Police or someone else for not giving me all the facts.

Make our schools safer places – sack Ruth Kelly

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