Ages ago I mentioned that I had subscribed to and was taking part in freecycle. Basically give away what you would otherwise be throwing away – recycling decent stuff for free. I gave away a few things that came up during the house move and it was interesting watching the lists and seeing what came up – “I’ve an old mangle that needs some attention” “Oooooh – been after one of those for ages!”. But about two months ago it all began changing. I was seeing more and more emails asking for things. Not offering which I thought was the principle. And asking not for the odd and unusual but for the costly: car radios, computers, household equipment and things that were just plain expensive. It went from freecycle to free-gimme-gimme. Unsubscribed.

4 thoughts on “Gimmecycle.

  1. My local list has almost 5000 members, and thankfully there are many more posts for OFFER than there are for WANTED, the WANTED’s do get annoying but I have replied to a few when I had the item in question. Overall we have a fantastic group of folks that just want to make sure the stuff they have to give gets taken and not tossed. I guess it all depends on your local list.

  2. There is a new website at where you can give and get stuff for free. It all helps the environment because things which would normally be thrown away are reused. Its like freecycle, but much easier to use because it is search engine based. Here is some info from the GreenGonzo About page…

    GreenGonzo is an initiative which aims to reduce waste and promote the re-use of goods and materials. We are a little like eBay, except absolutely everything advertised here is being given away for free. Anyone who wishes can use our search tool to find out what is being given away by people in their area. By registering for free, anyone can post adverts offering to give away things they no longer need, but may be of use to others. By giving and receiving freely we not only spread the spirit of good will, but also help to save this planet’s precious resources and ease the burden that our refuse places upon the environment.

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