Tired of reading now..

Things still to install:
MAME. Anyone know how ?
Krusader is what I’m after – dual pane ftp / ftp editor / file manager. It works, but I get errors at times which I don’t understand (http://www.romanticrobot.net/krusader-error.txt) and errors aren’t great are they ? Esp when I really am clueless. I’ll do a list of what I’m running tomorrow. And I know I’m asking some questions but I’ve done more reading in the last two days about code than for AGES before.

On the plus side I found all the user/program directories so I can play there, gnomad2 talks to my Zen Micro which was a ‘must do’ and I found some more passwords.

Another thing I’m noticing – with XP, the machine would be quiet then the fan would kick in. Now it seems like the fan is on constantly but at a lower speed. I’m not bothered and I’m sure that there will exist some strange code which will tell me the rpm of the fan… but I’m just mentioning it.

I took the dog a walk earlier. There is a field near us which has now been populated with ponies. Small ponies. I swear Winston is taller than one of them. Honestly !

NDS MK. P (who is 12) hammers me at it. She has all the missions, all the ghosts, all the cups … she is GOOD. As she is beating me so much I can only really say one thing: I taught her well 🙂

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