End of day two

To be able to edit files directly on the server as detailed a couple of posts below.
Abject failure. As detailed below, this not attainable in Linux. At all.

To be able to make incremental site backups
DONE!!!! rsync works 🙂 AND I managed to get the right options too. Go me 🙂

Other notes:
Galeon runs fast. Might check that out better as honestly, Firefox IS slow. (2.66G / 700meg+ RAM here)

And if you use Linux I apologise if i offend you with my ranting – more of which is bound to follow as I continue in my efforts to get things working (tomorrow subversion!). I do not do this for any other purpose than to vent. If you switched to Windows you’d swear too wouldn’t you 🙂

Goals now:

  1. get subversion working
  2. install full copy of this site into my machine and check it works (because I’ve not seen phpmyadmin yet in these colours (Brown!) and I’ll need to)
  3. setup keypairs as suggested by skippy
  4. for Ubuntu to still be installed this time tomorrow

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