Adventures in SandalLand

Ubuntu is REALLY pissing me off today, so I’m going to tell you why.

On Windows ? Make about 16 pages your home pages, make sure 8 of them have a TON of flash, empty your cache, close FF then reopen. That’s how slow it is here.

Good FTP editors on Windows let you make intelligent choices (“Are you sure you want to store this ftp password ?”) and then re-using the program makes things easier. Ubuntu ? No damn way. Every single bloody time I want to connect it asks for my damn password. More secure ? No – it makes me want to change all my password to “cat”.

Liferea. Best there is ? Good grief. FeedDemon on Windows beats it anyday.

Why is Linux touted as being better ? It’s not. it’s just different. And slower.

Honestly, this FTP editor is, right now, a fantastic reason to stick the XP disc back in the drive. I use it daily for several sites. It is essential – and right now I’m left with stupid mess that takes much much longer to get working and is more unstable. I’d have thought that the kingdom of beards and sandals would have come up with a better solution. Maybe they ask their wives for ID whenever they want to come back in the house – can’t be too careful with all these strangers around eh ?

Right now, Linux looks like it is being difficult purely for the sake of it.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in SandalLand

  1. yeah, Linux, no matter what flavour, just isn’t ready for the desktop… in any way.

    There is a *nix inspired desktop flavour, and its called MacOSX.

    There is a reason Apple and MS spend lots of money on testing – and its so it doesn’t have the problems on the desktop that you are.

    Seriously – if I even feel the need to install Unix on my machine I just have to look at these posts to remind me why I’ve not done it yet.

  2. Newsreader – try Blogbridge. It’s what I use and is cross platform (and fully syncs too!).

    I’d beg to differ that linux isn’t ready for the desktop. I think you’ll find that there are many people happily using it as their primary OS (not everyone has the problems mentioned above, me included, I have no problems at all with slowness). Just takes a while to adapt to working a little differently. It also greatly depends on your needs of course – I use photoshop for example, which is why I still have Windows too.

  3. There are many people yes, those people however either a) know *nix inside out or b) don’t need to use anything “high-end”

    Linux simply doesn’t work as well with the same variety of hardware setups, or have any sane UI conventions, or generally have the ability to be a desktop for most of the worlds PC users.

    This isn’t because it’s not windows – its because it’s not a mature GUI yet. The core of it is great, and it will get there, but its not there yet.

    Unix is built by coders, by and large coders don’t make great designed software – they make great designed code. I love what unix can do, but I still think (in its present state) using it as a desktop is a really adventurous idea.

  4. There were problems with Firefox on Ubuntu. Fixed now.

    Sounds to me like you’re bitter about your lack of technical ability. Me, I had no problems with Ubuntu and it seems like a very polished OS. But then I have 20 years of unix experience.

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