Ubuntu: making a note

With XP – on this same machine – I always kept an eye on system resource usage. I wasn’t obsessive but I liked to know ball-park figures for processes.

The clock is taking 22meg to work. 22 megabytes just to tell me the time.
Look at Firefox. That’s 2 tabs open. Just two.
Look at Liferea. 52meg just to sit running
And Thunderbird. Nearly 200 megabytes to run. 200 MEG !
I’m not complaining – because I have not yet stopped playing with this new toy called Ubuntu, but look at those resources! And for the record, gFTP has locked on me twice, Liferea once and I still say everything is slower than the “buggy and bloated Windows”. I suppose that it IS quicker for some if your Windows machine was full of junk, the registry was fragmented with many useless keys and your startup menu was the length of your average till-receipt. But mine wasn’t. Mine was quick and I made and kept it that way.
Don’t believe all the hype people 🙂

BUT… having said all that – I needed to get it off my chest so to speak – I’m loving it. Xampp is installed and runs just fine, I have used ‘secpanel’ to backup one site and just need to see how to make that do incrementals, music still works, I’m adding to the panel (though I can’t get Krusader to be an icon so i can add it to the panel which is mildly annoying as that type of ftp editor I use a lot.), I’ve been playing with the GIMP and it’s not made me swear yet and there’s still lots to discover.
It’s great fun 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu: making a note

  1. Glad to hear you’re getting on well with Ubuntu. 🙂 I’ve no idea on the resources thing, I don’t really bother checking things like that unless there’s something wrong (ie I notice things running really slowly, which I never have).

    I don’t know what music prog. you’re using, but if you like the bells and whistles kind I can’t recommend Amarok highly enough, I love it. 🙂

    Also once you’re used to Ubuntu you might like to check out Kubuntu too – I run both and switch between KDE and Gnome depending on my mood. 😀

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