Yeah, I know what that is …

Do I hell. The password manager I did use … I exported everything and have it locked in a wiki and also in a backpack list/page/whatever. It’s got around 70 passwords at least. Not because I have a lot of places but because the same password is never used twice. And of course I knew what did what. Until today. I must have 20+ passwords that I have NO clue what they attach so – I have a dozen just for this site. I should learn that I don’t remember things so well, but that’s why I write them down ….. oh well.

So, ubuntu. Far too soon to say too much. It’s all set up though, I have not sworn even once through frustration though a couple of times I have sworn out of surprise (the keyboard repeat rate is much higher than on XP. On XP it was at it’s fastest, but this keeeeeeeeeeeeeeps running away 🙂 ). Music is sorted, realplayer is sorted, all the programs that I listed a few entries below are sorted (though I need to check the binary grabber. It was refusing to see the contents of newsgroups earlier…). Top panel moved to the bottom. Desktop image now replaced. … it’s all fairly intuitive though it’s still slower than XP was. Having said that, the world of spybotS&D, Ad-aware, AV, registry clearing and suchlike is not here which is a bonus.
Things to learn: defragging. using these workspace things (which I know I will now). the idiosyncrasies of each new program. where a lot of passwords belong.

And it wasn’t the installing that has taken me long – that was definitely quicker than XP – it’s the fiddling and tweaking which always took ages on Windows and given that this is a brand new OS to me, it’s actually gone much much better than I thought.

And I want to thank skippy for very very kindly sending over the wireless card from Columbus, Ohio so that I could get to try Linux. It is very much appreciated. He’s a top bloke 🙂

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  1. My pleasure, Mark! I’m always interested in positive advocacy of Free Software; and I’d much rather see the Orinico put to a good use rather than languish on my shelf.

    I’m glad your initial experiences are (mostly) positive. Stick with it. There’s plenty that’s aggravating and annoying about GNU/Linux — as with all software — so you have plenty of time yet to swear. 😉

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