So far..

RSS reader – fine. liferea
FTP – fine I think …..gftp installed.
Password manager installed – not yet use. fpm
CD – can play
MP3 / Radio – no way at all yet (about an hour of trying so far)
Binary news grabber – yes. klibido

It does not seem as quick as XP by quite some way.
The little work areas ? What are they for ?
The system bar at the top. Don’t like it but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.
My mouse wheel is dying (not that I blame ubuntu for that) (yet)

Right… back to trying to get an MP3 played !

10 minutes later – I have little clue how, but it works 🙂 Now I see why Windows was invented :p

2 thoughts on “So far..

  1. The “work areas” are called virtual desktops. You can use them to keep a number of applications running fullscreen without having to minimze/maximize them. You can also coordinate applications by function on the virtual desktops. I know some folks use desktop #1 for their local applications; desktop #2 for connections to remote systems; etc etc.

    Personally, I rarely use them; but they can be handy.

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