More Mental Health garbage

As reported on the BBC. My cynicism should be clear enough:

It urges a shift in focus from mental ill health to mental wellbeing, with services better geared to users’ needs.

Well, we’ve only had since the birth of the NHS to get things right. 50 years + just ain’t long enough

The report calls for people with severe mental health conditions to have their own budgets [You’ll trust us to allocate money ? “Okay, I’m depressed and I’ve decided that I want to spend my money on a psychiatrist in Jamaica.” “I’m as HIGH as a kite – and I think I’ll be better once I’ve cured the world. So I’ll have some dental work so I too can flash a toothy smug bastard grin like Tom ‘flashing that pearly white panacea’ Cruise”. Somehow, and maybe I’m pushing it a bit here, I can’t see those ideas being entertained. Which makes a complete nonsense of saying people can have budgets because you can’t give a budget then restrict. but it makes for good PR eh ?] or for the services they want [want is a VERY big word. What you really mean is “You can want all you like but this is all you’ve got so tough damn luck] including alternatives to hospital [like where ?].

Talking therapies, said the report, should be available as a matter of routine when people need them [who decides that then ?], along with advice on staying in work [Must pay your taxes!] and maintaining an ordinary life [Ssshhhhh, don’t let on to the neighbours….]

People with mental health problems should also be offered an “associate” to help them manage their lives. [You WILL conform whether you like it or not.]

“It is only by adopting this kind of holistic approach that all those involved in improving the mental wellbeing of the whole population will be able to achieve that goal.” : Holistic
I f*cking HATE ANY health care place using that bloody word.
It means:
1. Of or relating to holism.
2. 1. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
2. 2. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology.

Whole. See that word ? WHOLE. Means complete, all of, total. It means everything.

“Hi, my name is Bob. I’ve been married to my wife for 10 years and for 9 years and 11 months of that we have not had sex. I am very very depressed because of this”
“Well Bob – may I call you Bob ? – I’m afraid that there is nothing whatsoever at all on this entire planet that we can do for you, but I have some wonderful tablets here that will lift your depression and also render you impotent so that’ll be two hits for the price of one. Bargain.”

Go into a hospital. Any hospital. In fact, find a nurse, any nurse. Ask them how many care plans they have written for the sexual needs of their clients. I’ll tell you the answer. None. If you are ill – with anything at all, even mental health problems – then you are not a sexual being. You become asexual. No needs whatsever. This is despite Maslow’s theory placing sex at the base of his pyramid of needs. If your partner is a nurse, ask them how many times you’d be allowed to have sex if you were in hospital for say …. 6 months. Ask them if there would be a care plan. And before you start on about the fact that the NHS shouldn’t be catering for ‘needs of the flesh’ – it’s also an important element of intimacy – and that has many tendrils into mental well-being.

“You tell me I’m mad ? And you say I’ve got this budget to spend ? Wow. So I can buy the services I want ? Cooool. Here’s some numbers of some girls who just do not say No. ‘nudge nudge. Give them a ring why don’t you….” Try that one ….

“We have seen record increases in investment and staffing, we now have over 700 specialised community mental health teams and we have the lowest suicide rate since records began,” she said.

That’s because they are locking people up, filling them with meds, zombiefying (Is that a word ? I’ve used it twice recently) them into some sort of limbo existence. Since when is death a measure of mental health care ? Why should it be ? What next – league tables for shrinks ?

The values behind such a thing may well be good, and the beliefs of those in the centres involed may be sound, but they make f*cking useless press statements.

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