It’s not a lie !

This linux thing IS real and it DOES work !
1. Backup last few bits
2. Fully install Ubuntu
3. Remember something not backed up
4. Explore this world of Brown 🙂

5 thoughts on “It’s not a lie !

  1. Hooray!

    A lot of things are subtly different when using Linux, and it’s entirely too easy to say “Man, this was so much easier in Windows…” That might be true for the specific task at hand (and maybe for lots of tasks). There is a real learning curve when switching to Linux; but the effort of sticking with it is worth it, in my opinion. No viruses, no malware, lots of great tools to accomplish the things you need.

    Give it a fair shake. Don’t get overly discouraged when things get hard. You have plenty of people eager to assist you in the transition!

  2. Skippy is right on all points. Not having the option of dual-boot is a good way to make yourself stick with it when times might get hard. Indeed you to have lots of people eager to assist you. Add me to that list – if I can be of any assistance, just drop me a line.

    In a previous post you had asked about a graphical FTP program. Forget that… just use SCP (secure copy) from the command line. Works just like regular “cp” when you’re copying files. Example:

    bash~> scp file.php

    If you end up using ssh/scp a lot, there are ways to automate logging in to those servers using generated keys – I’ll save that for another time…

  3. I just discovered that Ubuntu lacks a formal manual. Currently, the best they offer is this:

    Mark: please record somewhere the things which are not intuitive to you. Your experiences will go a long way to help others. I (tentatively) plan to construct something of a modest introductory manual for Ubuntu (more than the Ubuntu FAQ, but not as robust as Debian’s documentation, for example). Your feedback will greatly help the focus of this effort. Either post your thoughts, or just email them to me as they occur.

  4. I found I had a distinct “linux threshold” in my transition… which took about 6 attempts, the last one of which has been pretty smooth.
    My hurdles were: playing mp3s, movies and streaming radio.
    Basically, I couldn’t work in silence.

    If you know what your *things* are that make you comfortable, get those working first… the rest come much more easily once you can entertain yourself whilst learning :oP

    I’m a bit noob at the linux thing, but I’ll happily add my name to list of people who you know you can bug if you need assistance.

    (she who got wine working today, and has the winamp back that she’s been missing)

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