When you look into the eyes of someone close to you and say “Happy New Year”, just remember that their happiness is almost entirely in your hands. So if you do say it, be sure to not just mean it but carry it through too. Best not to start the year with a lie ….

So, it’s Sunday tomorrow then …

5 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Reading this made me cry. Last day of the year and generally all the Xmas period it’s really bad for me, cause so many bad, hurting, things happened in the past during these days. But during last weeks I met someone and we felt in love but still cant make it come real for distance and other stories we have and need time to be closed.

    I cried reading this, cause tonight i won’t be able to look her in th eyes and tell her “Happy New Year and I love you” but for sure i will do my best to make it a really happy year for her and for me too. But the worst thing it’s I know she feel the same now and later and this make me more sad.

    Anyway thanks for this post that make me think to her one more time in the thousands of times i do during the day, and i wish you a really Happy New Year to you and you family.

  2. I have no reason to celebrate. Three months ago, a dearest friend of mine decided to leave this life, in the day of her birthday, just a few hours after I wrote to her “happy birthday”. I knew she was not well, but I couldn’t imagine, and I didn’t imagine.
    I tried to be close to her, but I failed. That’s why, when I say happy new year to someone I know (and I love), I hope to be able not to just mean it…

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