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Although it hasn’t been officially announced and therefore has not appeared in thousands of dashboards, it IS out, and it IS official code. Hey – I even wrote an upgrade guide for it. I’ll skip to the heart of the post: Am I upgrading ?

I’m using 1.5.2 and right now it’s staying that way (never say never …).
If you would like a blog that has a WYSIWYG editor to help write posts, upgrading might be for you.
If you have many users and would like to streamline their roles, then upgrading is almost definitely for you as a lot of work has gone into that aspect of the code.
If you are happy for WP to decide how to manage your uploads, upgrading might be for you.
If you want a little picture to help you remember which theme is which then yep, moving to 2.0 could be good.
If you will appreciate the many codebase changes that have been made, go for it.
I think that about covers the major points and none of them work for me. It’s not that I don’t appreciate that a lot of work has gone into the release, and it’s got nothing to do with the reported bugs – it’s got everything to do with the very simple fact that there is nothing in the 2.0 package that enhances what I am using right now. Nothing at all.

I dislike WYSIWYG. There is only me as a user. I organise my webspace and I don’t need a theme picture because it’s my theme and there is only one in the directory. And although the codebase may indeed be better, the features that come with it are not attractive. Owen is asking why people are not upgrading and is – I think – looking at the upgrade process as the reason. For me, it’s got nothing to do with that – it’s a piece of cake. It’s because I have been following the development, using SVN code (the Testtrack blog on the WP guides is SVN code) and at no point have I thought “Oooohhh.. like that!”. It’s not that this blog is hacked – I’m no coder – or that I can’t find the time / be bothered or even that I’m looking for another blogging program. It’s also no secret and never has been.
I loved WP 1.2.2 and that was where WP was at it’s peak – IMO – for a single blogger. Upgrading to 1.5 brought me no particular extras but the admin side was fairly unaffected (I have no dashboard. I removed it completely) so it’s okay to stay with it. But the move to 2.0 adds what I see as junk.

WP 1.2.2 – 313KB
WP 1.5.2 – 357KB
WP 2.0 – 590KB

Even if I turn off all the js, I still have it there and what attracted me to WP was the small efficient code that I uploaded. 1.2.2 unzipped to 992KB, 1.5.2 to 1.05MB and 2.0 unzips to 1.72MB – there is nothing in that extra 670KB that makes my ‘blogging experience’ any better. So why bother ?

This isn’t to say that my involvement is stopping, or that my support is disappearing – far from it – just that right now this code jump is one I shall skip. I will continue to run 2.0 blogs – just not this one. If I’m really honest I think the 1.5.2 branch should be maintained and promoted as the blogging program for single users, possibly small groups, while 2.0 moves into the CMS territory. I don’t have a system of content that needs managing – I just have a blog, and all I want to do is blog.

Having said all that – have a look at 2.0 and see if it is what YOU want. It may well be and there will probably be a whole raft of new plugins to play with. The upgrade is painless (backup first!) so that’s not really a reason – unless your blog is hacked and then you have only yourself to blame. But if the thought of the upgrade worries you, or you have any questions whatsoever, post to the forums – you will get help there (and possibly from me because like I said, I’m still going to be there).

(maybe…maybe if that wysiwyg thing had remained as a plugin ……..)

13 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0

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  2. I’m not upgrading either. I did a fresh install on a subdomain just so I could see what it was like before I decided to upgrade. I’m glad I did because I saw no advantage at all.

    I even preferred the colour scheme of 1.5.2. I think all those JS effects on the post screen are useless and annoying.

  3. I’m running 2.0, but mostly because I’m not too bothered. I also like the new admin screen, though some of the hidden options are annoying (too many clicks to do something now in some cases).

    I agree about the WYSIWYG – It isn’t essencial, and has caused a LOT of problems. However it IS nice to use more most posts – as long as those posts aren’t about code, or have lots of images. It also drags the code quality down (align atrributes of imgs? Please.)

    That minor thing aside – the code has improved a lot, but not visibly much. There are nicer tihngs for plugin authors in there, and it should be more stable, but it’s still pretty slow running (especially the goddamn dashboard). Then again WP was never the fastest horse on the track, but it’s usually up in the top few.

    The WYSIWYG can be turned off – it reverts back to the quicktags – but it does seem rather bloated. They guys at TinyMCE have really worked to help that though.

    I still don’t feel its a 2.0 release though, more like a 1.7/8

  4. I’m going to use 2.0 for my new blog just because it’s a new start, and I kinda like the add categories feature in the post screen.
    I don’t even see the WYSIWYG as it doesn’t work in Opera. =)

    That said, I think that WordPress is suffering the same thing than Firefox: Popularity. Developers like that and start adding shiny things just to be even more popular, but most of it is useless fluff.

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