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It gets wierder … I’ve read everywhere I can, and I’ve watched a couple of things a couple of times and the whole thing seems to very wrong on numerous levels. Not the act – which is horrific – but everything else. Having read and watched though, I know precisely where I’m pointing my finger right now. ….

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  1. It seems very fishy… I think maybe a family member or at least someone the poor child knows. If a stranger came into the house and abducted a child from the bath, would they not scream blue murder and alert a parent? For the child to go quietly whilst others are only a room away it must be someone they trusted.

    If it happened at all, that is.

  2. Interesting that you say this… I got the same feeling reading about this story as I did when that bloke claimed his girlfriend had “gone missing” on valentines day last year.
    Something just doesn’t sound right.

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