Tom Cruise officially an irritating shortarse

The BBC report a poll of movie fans carried out by Empire Magazine, and 10,000 people voted Tom “glint glint” Cruise to be the most irritating shortarse on the whole of the planet. According to one editor on said magazine the reason for this vote

“may be a knee-jerk reaction to his year in the spotlight”

Bollocks. It’s no knee-jerk reaction at all. Tom Cruise is irritating beyond measure. Nothing, nothing can be more irritating than the ultra-sound owning, definitely-not-gay-because-he’s-got-a-girlfriend, smile that’s brighter than a magnesium flare, curing the world with every sickening grin, scientology expounding psychiatry know-it-all. You know WHY he’s in the movies ? Because no-one would give him a job because he’s just too irritating to be around !

Tom – make us ALL love you. Get lost 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tom Cruise officially an irritating shortarse

  1. ‘Shortarse’, ha! (I also loved the description of yourself in an earlier post…about completing your ‘charlady duties’. I thought you should change your WP forums title from ‘support maven’ to ‘charlady’. :))

    Hope you and yours have been well.

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