Minor points

If you’d not noticed – or maybe I’ve forgotten if I’ve mentioned it before, Gatekeeper has gone. But SK2.1 is now being employed and as I have not had a false positive for months I’m leaving it fully unattended to slaughter whatever comes it’s way.

The search function here has been completely removed. Can’t see why someone would use it, Google knows all, and why not. And before you go trying /?s= type stuff, it doesn’t work 🙂

Typo blog now up and running. It’s in T3. If you like sliding comments or you haven’t seen the smooth goodness that they are, go comment away on the initial post there. Initial impressions are very good, but a little longer is required. I will blog there, but much less than I do here. I got the favicons going though !

My arm still stings.

I’ve said it before but editing files directly on the server is brilliant. Saves loads of time.

And there was something else I was going to write but I’ve forgotten what.

2 thoughts on “Minor points

  1. It’s a bit too soon to make proper comparisons …. but:
    WP was more intuitive ‘out of the box’ but then WP had a basis in b2 which Typo has not had the benefit of.
    It feels slower, more sparse – which is a good thing compared to WP2.0 which I think is cluttered – but I’ve not looked at plugins, image handling but then that won’t happen – it’s going to be for writing alone so nothing there will be needed.
    One irritant is that you must use a filter (Textile, Markdown etc) or else insert tags manually (which is what I’m doing).
    The installation was far from friendly, but then it’s still a geek toy I think and while 1-2-3 guides could probably be done, I don’t think the a-b-c support is there yet (could be wrong but I found none).
    It’s a new toy 🙂

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