1pm tomorrow Neil starts colouring in my right arm 🙂 I’m feeling really good that I don’t know what the actual design will be. A few times when I’ve been at their studio someone has come in, said “I want a tattoo there” while pointing at their arm / chest / waist “so what have you got ?” and that has always struck me as weird. Why go get a fairly random piece of ink pushed into your skin “just because you want” or “because my mates have” ? So, you are thinking, that’s what YOU want to do isn’t it ? But it isn’t. When speaking of tattoos, the words “This shit is permanent!” springs to mind. So why get a random pattern ? What I actually think they do is get this random pattern then later they attach meaning to it so they don’t look like the shallow incompetents that they really are. Anyway, Neil drew the first tattoo I had and got that perfect, did my arms how I wanted and now, after a lot of talking about the images and emotions I want portraying, about the ink (no black!) and shading and how both arms – when complete – will contrast yet match, I’m going to stretch out my right arm, criticise his choice of music and let him start the buzzing 🙂

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