Clinically clean

Several years ago I did a Food Hygiene course which all the nursing staff had to do. Not rocket science and some parts were actually interesting. I can distinctly remember that the next day at home I looked at the fridge and wondered what was lurking behind it – that day I cleaned the entire kitchen inside and out. It wasn’t that it was dirty, just that once I got going I kept going. It was also the case that a bit of clean makes everything else look less clean somehow. When I was a teenager I very stupidly cleaned around the boot lock of a Triumph Spitfire. A white Triumph Spitfire. Using a cutting cleaner. Oh how foolish was that. That small circle of pearl whiteness, framed against the now dull grimy white meant that the rest of that day was planned out for me. Since that day I haven’t used cutting cleaners. Anyway .. cleaning. I’m not a fan of the D & V Diet School – there are much more comfortable ways to lose weight if that is your particular fetish. And today (well.. yesterday really as it’s gone 1am now) there was turkey and various other raw foods around. Not good. Several gallons of very hot water, several cleaning cloths, a lot of time and some proprietary cleaning fluids later and I have a kitchen that I think could be called Clinically Clean. This is testimony not only to my charlady skills and dishpan hands, but also to the low levels of hygiene that are apparent in hospitals across the land (“Free MRSA with every appointment !”). In fact, in the kitchen there is barely any evidence that it is the christmas season. The only telltale clues are around 70 mince pies (courtesy of P), 3 huge tins of chocolates, various ‘nibbly bits’ and bottles of alcohol. But it’s all clean. (And no I’m not a cleanfreak (J does tidy, I do clean) but sometimes it’s good to blitz through is it not ?)
Oh yes – the picture. Those leaves rock / sway when it’s in the light. It’s great !!

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