Not quite perfect

I am told that the first Christmas dinner I cooked was extremely good. Being my harshest critic about cooking there were a couple of elements I would change – I shall practice hard for the next time.

Queen’s speech – it was on in the background when I heard her say this “As if these disasters were not bad enough, ” and I fully expected to hear her say “my son Charles went and married that horse-faced unfaithful Camilla”. Now that would have made for a good Qs.

Am I the only one seeing what is a significant increase in manual spam ? Especially the sort that just seems to be quite harmless. Today alone I’ve had to delete around 16 across 3 different domains.

Oh yes – I’ve had a phenomenally bad headache all day. Nice.

4 thoughts on “Not quite perfect

  1. Merry Christmas Mark 🙂

    Yeah, I’ve noticed more manual spam getting through, but even wierder are the comments that contain accurate, post specific, human written content – but have spammy domains in their web address.

    Thankfully these people seem to type like 12year olds and ALL IN CAPS!!!!!!! so I delete them on principle anyhow (usually).

  2. I’m getting quite clever spam.
    It’s appropriate to the post, but only just.
    The give-away is the company link (a leasing company) – earlier I mailed someone calling themselves ‘Kate’ and got a bounce from Yahoo’s mail. That’s her on the Kill list then. Same sort of thing for another.
    It’s definitely poisoning.

  3. Poisoning? Not if it’s an actual spam site its not. Even if it is a legit site the method is spam.

    It’s certainly a more clever way of attacking spam filters, but dumb too. If they poison against legit sites then those sites can sue them, not the filters. Then you have very legal and solid ways of shutting them down.

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