A brick

That’s how christmassy I feel. Ho hum.
Going town – it was a last-ditch attempt to find something for J that she has wanted for Christmas for some time and which I had searched for before. I figured that I owed one last trawl through every shop that sells these things and today was the day to do it – simply because other domestic events were keeping me occupied until today. I did find it. J will love it and no I’m not telling you what it is. I will say though that I was lazy and D wrapped it for me 🙂

Editing files directly on the server is fantastically cool. Saves all the ‘open filezilla, click to file, download, save, upload’ mess. The editor I’m using double spaces all the files though which I need to sort – I like code all blocked, not spread out.

HijackThis is a superb bit of code. Went into the darker reaches of the net yesterday to find something and came out – as I knew I would – with some extra added bonus code. HT and some other software assisted in the removal – as I knew it would. Viruses are easy to deal with – this malware gets really tricky (unless you know what you are doing). Spyware forums… now there’s a challenge which I may well look into.

utorrent – 115K client. Beat that!

Neil has promised me some hours work on my arm next week. The studio closes at xmas so it’s the ideal time for him and me. He’s also said he’ll take oodles of pictures though I might have to try and talk him out of putting them on the site – I don’t want them online at all. It’s going to be completely original work – even I don’t know what it will look like – so I’ll be damned if some idiot is going to even use it as inspiration.

I think this is the bit where I say something festive: Tinsel 🙂

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