Catching Spam

Gatekeeper was installed. No spam since. Not a single thing for SK2 to get.
The idiot two posts below … he pinged me a few days ago. I went to his blog (his name with a dotcom on the end) and I found a spurious link here. The post he was linking to and what he wrote didn’t quite fit. So I deleted the pingback. The pingback appeared the next day again. Hmm… go to his page to see if he has updated which could maybe – just maybe – have triggered a re-ping. No change so I deleted it again. And then today I got another. Still no damn change in the sploggers page so it’s been deleted and the url added to SK2’s blacklist (that’ll give SK2 something to do). I’m assuming that Brad “I know diddly about SEO” Fallon has a repinger going on. Bad. Very bad. Reported to that splogreporter site and googleads. Stupid stupid man.

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