Suspicious Minds

There is a small estate which is about 200 yards from us. It comprises say 40 houses. We used to live there – it was our first (and only) home which we left in 2002. I mention this because both our girls have friends there and they are familiar with the place. It’s also one of those little estates when a certain level of social behaviour is expected – for instance, when we moved in, I decided that our very small front lawn (it was about 10 feet square) would be a haven for wildlife as every other lawn was perfectly manicured. I gave in and mowed it when it reached 4 feet high. This did not endear me to our neighbours – some never forgot it. So, it’s one of those estates. Being the time of year it is, some of the houses there have some outside decorations. One house in particular has a single string of lights around a single tree. I really like that one. In that estate, our girls tell us that one man is ‘creepy’. He lives alone and he unnerves both our girls and their friends. Now there is always someone we know who we might call ‘creepy’ but we (and I mean you and me) can usually put our fingers on what it is about someone that sends our ‘creepmeter’ up. But with this guy the girls cannot quite say why – it just something strange. They would not talk to him and view the house with suspicion and wariness.
He has lit up reindeer on the front lawn, lights in the tree, on the house, around the doors, on the roof, a santa and sleigh going from the tree to the roof and in a window upstairs has a lit up ‘Merry Christmas’ in what is obviously a very decorated room. It is the only house like it around here – and given what little I know I am very suspicious indeed.

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