Know of a program ?

I use 3 editors:
Jujuedit ~ very small (769K installed), can open massive files
Notepad++ ~ tabbed
Pspad ~ can edit directly on the server.

Nothing I have found offers those aspects in one program. Know of one ? (Freeware preferred but if it is an excelent solution and isn’t stupidly expensive, I’ll buy).

2 thoughts on “Know of a program ?

  1. I’ve always used Crimson Editor ( It isn’t as small as Jujuedit (its almost 3Mb installed), but the main executable is only 636k and I’ve always found that it loads like lightening and has loaded any file I’ve ever thrown at it.

    It certainly has tabs, they’re essential for me now in most applications.

    I think it can edit directly on the server, though I admit I’ve never used that functionality myself. There is a menu item File, FTP, Open Remote so that sounds good!

    Oh, and its freeware too 🙂

    I recommend it thoroughly.

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