Using XP unable to delete file

Noting for others who may have the same problem.
Sorting around 20gig of Roms into some sort of order, I needed a new folder. Right-click, new folder, name it. And bingo, Windows created 4 files inside that folder instantly. 2 are zero byte files, and the other two are 2.7gig files. I have folder view set to show hidden and they had the appearance of system files.
Cannot delete – because the names of the files had odd characters.
Cannot delete because it’s zero byte so there’s nothing there to delete.
Try secure delete and that has the same problem.
I can rename the parent folder, move it and yet not delete it.
Exit everything, open command prompt, exit explorer.exe and try to delete – no go.
/dir shows me 4 files
/del * has the system saying “wtf ? nothing here !”
/del filename has the system saying “Man, what ARE you on ? there’s NOTHING HERE”
The files were not locked by any process – they were just there yet not there at the same time. So I figured a 5gig loss of space from 160gig wasn’t critical. Renamed the file to ‘x’ so it would always be at the end of any list. But then just before going bed I thought I might as well run a disc check – so that ran overnight.
Result! One file ‘x’ was present this morning. 200KB. Deleted just fine.
Windows. Weird at times 🙂

One thought on “Using XP unable to delete file

  1. Thanks a lot! 🙂
    by running the disk checking, all 3 zero-byte files in my flash regained their capacity back to origin.
    and all my trying to delete these files come to an end.
    now i can delete the files and no more error saying something like “cannot delete msg…bla bla bla…sharing violation” again.
    thanks again.

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