This is what blogs are for ?

Chinese Evade Censors To Discuss Police Assault (Washington Post)
Chinese police ‘shoot protesters’ (BBC)
Activists call for inquiry into deadly police shooting in China (
CHINA: Newspaper warns of shooting mess (AsiaMedia)
Google search for ‘chinese censorship’ which gets over 1.9 million hits.

Shouldn’t blogs be doing more – perhaps they are and I’m looking in the wrong places – to distribute this sort of news ? It’s easy to block the BBC, the US news sites, major sites elsewhere and sites that may assist the spread of news in some way (the main WordPress site is blocked), but they can’t block lots of blogs can they ? They can’t scrutinise every blog for any entries about the shootings that took place, about the way the regime there acts toward it’s own people can they ? If blogs are about publishing and disseminating information then surely this information is precisely what the unstructured and unblockable networks is about ? Blogging with a point.

One thought on “This is what blogs are for ?

  1. You mis-understand how the Chinese government censors the net. Everything goes through their servers. If it is a page or server that they haven’t seen it is scanned, if it contains content they don’t like (basically keywords) then it gets locked down.

    Someone might see it the first time they looked, but they wouldn’t be able to see it again.

    Yes bloggers could make a stink about the censorship, but its the news agencies that report the story. Either way both would be blocked and the Chinese government still would have tight control on freedom of expression of their bloggers and citizens.

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