Pirouetting down the street

Things I could write about:

Tango (our cat) now sleeps in exactly the same place that Tamba did.

J’s fight with the MS being incredibly hard right now. 2006 and walking are off the agenda totally.

Anonymity, privacy, the difference and if it actually matters.

Why I just started moving about 10gig of data from one machine to the other without using a cable. (How stupid is that ?) (and will I hook the cable ? No.) (why ? Can’t be bothered 🙂 )

I need to learn to drive – a skill I have never ever wanted to possess and still do not. Needs must and all that.

Screws.. must write about screws.

Playstation Blue. Used to be a cool colour. Then they changed it to green on the slimmer PS2’s and now there are xmas led’s decorating far too many houses with the now trashy colour.

TF that the garbage that X-Factor is has finished.

If I had a personal blog I’d write tons tonight.

The title – dog. happy. bouncy. indecisive. extending lead. get the picture ? 🙂

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