Humour-free Headteacher

That’ll be the one trying to get parents to stop their primary school kids from watching (the brilliant) Little Britain.
I know a couple of teachers and they are wonderful people but sadly this idiot will get teachers branded as humour-free zones. I think children should be actively encouraged to watch comedy – and that includes Little Britain. Why ? The main reason is that it might make them laugh. There’s enough doom gloom misery and foreboding oozing continually from our screens – or that scuzzy daytime TV crap – so why shouldn’t kids have a chance to laugh at things ? why can’t they smile and repeat such antics and accents in front of their friends ? Why can’t they be challenged by that humour ? Why can’t that humour be used as a basis for discussion ? Or maybe the headteacher just doesn’t like top comedy show ? Isn’t humour part of the OFSTED world anymore ? Jeez, they’ll be banning Santa next (I’m sure somewhere has). A note:
Dear Lynne Hargreaves,
You don’t tell parents what to do in their own homes and I’m sure they won’t start telling you how to run a school.
A Parent.

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