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When I first installed Spam Karma 2, it killed all the spam. Great code, great protection and it’s something I still use. What SK2 didn’t protect against though was spam flooding. A spammer could hit your site with numerous requests and each would be processed. Not good. When Bad-Behaviour was released it took the place of SK2 in it’s spam killing by preventing them getting close enough to do the damage. It stopped the spam flooding. SK2 stayed in the background twiddling it’s thumbs. SK2 literally was redundant but it stayed in place. Increasingly though, SK2 is working because more and more spam is evading BB. I am now clearing between 10 and 20 spams a day using SK2 and I’m even having spam get through (this is comment spam, not pingback / trackback) to the blog. The spam criteria is being poisoned too. The full code for both the above plugins is available to download, check, test against for the spammers though isn’t it ? They have a financial impetus to find holes and by my measure, they are doing that. So, to do something about it.
One option is Aksimet from Matt. I have an API key, I had it installed at one point but I have doubts about my blog relying on a remote server outside of my hosting to function correctly. There’s only so much spam that can be held back before a server falls over. Part of the problem with this – from where I stand – is that as good as Matt’s work is, who cares enough to support it financially ? Looking at last year’s poker flood – the companies like it, the stock market likes it, the shops love it. It’s big business pushing this crap so it would take a business just as big to fight back wouldn’t it ? And there is no big business, just lots of little blogs, all with their own tools, all trying to make their target look less attractive than the next blog program … So for now, Akismet is not an option (though having distributed servers would be much better). But one option – which I have always quite liked when using it on other’s blogs – is Eric Meyer’s Gatekeeper. I pose a range of questions, you answer them. So it is now installed and ready for you if you choose to click the comments link. I’ll admit I have no idea how spammers attack the code and no doubt someone will pop up and tell me that they skip where I’m protecting and that this is no good etc etc but hey – all you need to do IF you want a comment is answer a question. And because I like comments, it’s not even going to be a surreal question – just a boringly normal type job. And the spam ? I’ll let you know in a week.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea, cuz SPK is working really good for me right now. Hey, gotta ask you a question, off topic. What sort of plugin are you using for the “read (x)” on each post? I think that’s so kewl, because I know there must be people reading my posts sometimes, they just choose not to comment. Please help me out… Oh, and you’ve helped me out before, way back in the day, when I first started WP March 2005. Thank you for the past, and am hoping you can help me with this as well.

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