Overestimating to be sure

I am absolutely shattered. Some sleep overdraft coupled with much doing in the house and tonight it has all caught up. Hopefully things will lighten up soon but I’m not raising my hopes much – P is writing all the cards tonight because J’s hands have stopped. Not great..

Anyway. Numbers – I for one am getting fed up with the news and other agencies calling the numbers too high. WTC they said (here on the BBC) that it would be 25-30,000 victims. With Katrina they said 10,000 and yet with both – and all deaths are regrettable – those numbers weren’t just wrong, they were wildly inaccurate. It’s as if the news agencies (and others too) don’t just err on the side of caution as much as pluck a number from thin air and spin it upwards with abandon. Weird. Just this week we had that explosion with the oil tanks and the “wheel’em’in” experts were saying it would burn for days and weeks. Pfft – much less.
The thing is with the deaths though is that although they start off so damn high, when the truth is revealed to be that much lower it becomes almost an “Only so many died” which does a disservice to not only those that died but their families. Let’s say the news says there are 50 victims of a disaster and it turns out there are 100 – people might feel emotion A. If the news said there were 100 but there turned only to be 50, would their emotion be equal to A ? I think there would be a difference. Partly though it’s this ‘instant news’ crap that we have 24/7/365 – have_to_fill_the_time attitude from the on-screen journos. It’s painful to watch sometimes. I’m sure last Sunday I heard the question “What health advice do you have for people when the smoke descends ?” – and they asked the TOP NURSE in the county – that’s about the least qualified person to know ffs. They always dust off the clueless ones for this stuff don’t they ? Numbers. Keep them real.

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